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Don Wilkinson writes:

Nutbrook CC Kitchen Staff

The idea of the Nutbrook CC Management Committee preparing a dinner for their tea ladies started around six or seven years ago when it was suggested that instead of just presenting the ladies with a token gift at the annual presentation evening we would prepare them a meal and at the same time show that the lads could cook.

It was recognised a few years ago that the other under unsung heroes of any cricket club, the groundsmen, should be recognised in the same way and were invited along.

Arthur Fisher, at the time the chairman, groundsman and longest serving member of Nutbrook, started the ball rolling by offering to cook his now legendry spaghetti bolognese and since then other cooks have added their speciality dishes to the menu which includes a starter, main course and pudding.

Nutbrook CC After The Meal

The guests have pre-dinner drinks on arrival, the meal served with wine and finishes with coffee and chocolates.

The lads really enjoy this event and always try to present something different each year and we believe that as well as recognising and bringing volunteers together it ensures that we have tea ladies for the coming season.

Steve – thinking gets the job done:

Steve's ability to think ‘outside of the box’, coupled with his enthusiasm and commitment, marks him out as an outstanding volunteer. As an example 1, he has is organised the Club Committee on a task, rather than role basis. Tasks are broken down to manageable time and limited objectives. Things therefore get done.

As example 2, to overcome a tea preparation crisis, he forged a partnership with the local church: the ladies who are fronting the tower restoration fund now prepare cricket teas in return for a contribution by the Club to the fund. As example 3, he created a new fundraising scheme for the club. Each member donates an unwanted ‘collectable’ from their home. Steve auctions them off on Ebay to the benefit of the club funds.

David – designing a coaching resource:

David is a teacher in a school in Halifax and was frustrated by the problems posed by having to teach large numbers of youngsters to bat on poor surfaces in a short amount of time. He went away and designed a coaching aid that is called the ‘cricket coaching mat’ that has led to a revival of schools cricket in Yorkshire.

It allows a player to play any one of 16 cricket shots at a rate of 100 times in just 10 minutes on perfect batting surface. Alongside this, he has produced a video that coaches youngsters the skills and techniques to play the 16 different shots. The coaching advice also comes in the form of 16 audio tracks and a 16 page written / photo manual. He has also made a web site www.cricketcoachingmats.com where anybody who signs in can download the coaching manual for free and also ask David for advice on any cricketing problems they might have.

He arranged for former Leicestershire players to come and coach his youngsters and this year under his guidance, three lads have been picked to play for Leicestershire U9 - the first time from the club, which is a parks team playing grassroots cricket.

Recently, in a bid to tackle falling numbers of players aged 16-plus at the club, because of a lack of other U17 teams to play, he introduced a new rule at senior level cricket ensuring that the Sunday 3rds must contain at least seven youth members. As a result players aged 16-plus have increased and a new ‘father and son’ team has been established with the team now entering into its own league.