Case Study - Arthur Halsey


Name: Arthur Halsey

Age: 16

Voluntary Role: Club Committee Member (Young People Representative) and Coach.

I have played the game for a number of years and I wanted to be involved within the game even more so I asked if I could start coaching with the aim of with the aim of helping out with some of the colts coaching. After a while I was asked if I wanted to be the main coach for a group, so I jumped at that opportunity!

After a short while of coaching I was asked if I would like to be involved within the committee representing the young people of the club. I attended a meeting and thought I could contribute in some areas of the club so I stayed at the meeting and have continued to be a member of the committee ever since.

From my volunteering roles I get a great amount of satisfaction from helping others gain knowledge and skills in an area that I like. This gives me a feeling of satisfaction of being able to pass on knowledge which I have picked up from my coaches, and pass it onto others – helping them on their way.

Being involved on the committee I feel I am helping the club to run well and improve its status – whether it be socially or its reputation. Through my volunteering I feel I’ve developed my confidence in talking to large groups of people. Also, my organisation skills in that I’ve had to do various tasks for the committee and had to be on time etc with it all.

I feel also that my presenting skills have been improved by showing demonstrations. All these skills has certainly benefit me and have improved my CV which will look impressive when I go to interviews.

Volunteering is a great opportunity for individuals to have a go at different activities, so they can see whether they want to follow that as a career path. Also, it gives the volunteer a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes of a club and how it is run.

It also gives any players the opportunity to see what cricket training sessions are like from the coaches perspective, not just the players.

I really enjoy my volunteering and will continue to keep it up, please help your local club. I have made lots of new friends and learned many new skills. Go for it.