Case Study - Tom Prodomo


Name: Tom Prodomo

Age: 18

Voluntary Role: Groundsman and coach, New Milton CC

I am Tom Prodomo and I currently volunteer within New Milton CC as a coach and also assistant groundsman.

Through my volunteering I get the chance to gain more experience coaching and developing the young people cricket skills as well as enhancing my coaching and social skills.

I assist our club grounds man (Andy Beck) to ensure that all areas of the club from the clubhouse to playing areas are ready and up to standard come match day.

I firstly got into volunteering to gain some practical experience to support my university course (sports coaching) which I am starting in September at Gloucester University. I wanted to gain as much experience as possible, as well as the fact coaching the team and helping them to improve is great fun and very rewarding. As for working on the ground I offered to help the grounds man for a day initially, but found that I really enjoyed myself. The more I went along the more I understood how to do things and why they needed to be done the more I enjoyed it.

I get a real buzz out of my volunteering knowing the players I coach are improving and also enjoying the sessions, its also great to hear positive comments about the pitch, not forgetting the fact your constantly learning new skills which is never a bad thing.

I had no experience of groundsmanship and was going into the unknown so it wasn’t a case of developing new skill but I am learning new ones all together. It's great to try something new and under the groundsman's supervision I feel relaxed and I can ask questions as I go - which is definitely a massive bonus.

Whatever roles you take up with a cricket club you get the chance to meet amazing people, and this is one of the many positives I have found through volunteering. Any type of volunteering looks fantastic or your CV whether your applying for university or jobs, but the fact I can volunteer within a field relevant to that which I will study and hopefully work in is a real bonus for me .It shows a willingness and determination to contribute to something helping others as well as pushing yourself on towards where you want to be.

The club have been really fantastic, they set me up with the vCricket scheme which allows me to gain something to show for the volunteering I was already doing, which will no doubt help me now and into the future. The great thing about volunteering at my club (New Milton) is that there are so many people who do there bit so you can get advice or an opinion to help you along the way. I have learnt how to use lots of different bits of equipment whilst working on the ground, as well as the rules regulations and skills needed to produce a cricket pitch.

You don’t need to be particularly interested in cricket to be a great help to the club, you could get involved with the club website, photography or event management so whatever you interested in you will benefit from volunteering within local cricket club.