Building Partnerships - Effective leadership and governance

Building Partnerships

Our first goal is effective leadership and governance, delivering professional, effective and efficient management of the game, from the top down.

That means streamlined management of - and improved governance within - ECB, better communication between ECB and our stakeholders, and improved monitoring of our performance.

That means we will:

Streamline management. By 2006, we will reduce the governance of ECB from six to three main sub-committees: Cricket, Commercial, and Finance & Audit.

Slash paperwork and bureaucracy. By December 2007, 80 per cent of ECB communications will be delivered through electronic media.

Improve accountability. By December 2009, we will increase Performance Related Fee Payments to First Class Counties, to 25 per cent of the fee payment.

We will deliver our effective leadership and governance targets through:


We have set out the necessary changes to our governance in order to make ECB a world-class organisation.

Delivering effective governance

We also have the primary responsibility to enforce the rules, regulations and directives of ECB, the Laws of Cricket, Spirit of the Game and Code of Conduct, including anti-doping and best practice programmes – and will manage these efficiently and professionally.

We will also develop our role within cricket and the wider sports arena, playing a leading role in the management of the International Cricket Council and developing our relationships with Sport England, Government and UK Sport, to secure funding to meet the mutual objectives of cricket and of Government.

To succeed in delivering effective leadership and governance, we will build partnerships with stakeholders including the County Boards, the First Class Counties, Minor Counties, PCA, the ICC, Sport England, UK Sport and Government.

Performance management

Effective performance requires clearly-defined roles and responsibilities amongst stakeholders. Measuring our improvements against key performance indicators, contained within this plan, will ensure that these are understood and problems can be identified and tackled at an early stage.

Delivering effective governance

For ECB, this means changing our culture from a support operation to a customer-led, dynamic operation.

We will work with the 18 First Class Counties and 38 County Boards to ensure that each is responsible and accountable for its financial performance and stability. This will be supported by Performance Related Fees instead of flat payments to Counties.

Commercial awareness

ECB needs to work harder to develop trust with our stakeholders; they need to know what they can expect from ECB – and be sure that ECB will deliver.

The strategic plan is the cornerstone of a co-ordinated and objective planning process, which will be supported by market research, best practice management and innovation.

More needs to be done to ensure a sustainable and viable long-term future for cricket in England and Wales. We will expand new areas of income generation, especially in new media and database management. This will require a focussing of a higher percentage of resource on commercial activity, including the support of sponsors and broadcasters.

The financial management of ECB shall be stronger in order to match the change in culture, which will become truly customer-focused.