Building Partnerships - Enthusing participation and following especially among young people

Building Partnerships

The real future of cricket will only be secured if we create a pipeline that delivers new players, spectators and supporters. That means enthusing participation and following, especially among young people.

To achieve this, we will aim to:

Develop more cricket ‘superstars’. We will develop three superstars of English cricket who will be recognised by ten per cent of the population of England and Wales by 2009. At the more junior level, we will target a minimum of three Under 21 players appearing in each Premier League team by 2008.

Increase active participation in the game. At the grassroots of cricket, we will create a

Enthusing participation

baseline measure within the first year of club members and target an increase in such members of five per cent by 2009. We will deliver a Centre of Cricketing Excellence within 30 miles of 85 per cent of the population in England and Wales by 2009.

And ECB will expand the number of Focus Clubs from 165 to 1000 by 2009. Underpinning

Enthusing participation

this will be an increase in the number of school and club coaching sessions – to 20,000 per year by 2009, encompassing boys, girls and disabled participants. This will be delivered primarily by the Cricket Foundation.

Support the creation of more cricketing facilities. In the first year of the plan, we will establish an ECB Interest Free Loan Fund for the development of cricket facilities, which will rise in value to £5m by 2009. This will help to deliver enhanced facilities for players across the game.

Delivering on enthusing participation and following

We will deliver these enthusing participation and following targets through:

ECB will help to develop ‘superstars’ of cricket and expand the promotion of cricket. This will begin in summer 2005 with Cricket in the Park during the Ashes series. ECB will develop a structured domestic fixture programme with matches to meet demand, identified through market research.

ECB will ensure that cricket maintains and expands its appeal by presenting a modern, innovative image through effective marketing and branding. In order to ensure that as many spectators can watch cricket as possible, we will allocate a geographic spread of major matches around England and Wales through Major Match Group Allocation.

For television viewers, we will continue to ensure that there is a balance between the

Delivering on enthusing participation and following

financial health of cricket and the accessibility to a majority audience within broadcasting contracts.

The culture change at ECB will be marked by a focus on customer satisfaction. Therefore, we will reduce the bureaucracy in distributing funds to the grassroots and champion the need for Community Clubs Development Fund funding focussed on cricket’s priorities.

ECB will expand the England Supporters’ Cricket Club and provide sponsored benefits. We will work with the Cricket Foundation and Lord’s Taverners to re-introduce competitive cricket into schools with a seamless link to Club participation. ECB and the Foundation will provide appropriately trained and skilled coaches to support players at each stage of their development.

Delivering on enthusing participation and following

By expanding the number of qualified coaches, we will ensure that all Representative Age Group Teams are selected by a Level Three Coach or above.

We will always operate best practice in the areas of child protection and health and safety to provide a safe and secure environment. We will expand the number of Focus Clubs and create a network of Centres of Excellence accessible to all.

We will encourage co-operation with other sporting bodies to enhance club and recreational facilities which are eligible to government grant aid.

To succeed in delivering our enthusing participation and following targets, we will build partnerships with stakeholders including the Cricket Foundation, the Lord’s Taverners, media partners, clubs, schools, parents, Sport England and the Government.