Building Partnerships - Four pillars to build our game

Building Partnerships

Work on cricket’s strategic plan for 2005-2009 began in early 2004 and has involved many different stakeholders in researching, developing and validating our strategic framework for the future.

Our research showed that the focus of the ECB’s activity needed to change. We needed to create a customer-driven organisation, reducing bureaucracy, and defining roles and responsibilities clearly across the game as a whole. Critically, it showed that we must change the focus of investment, shifting it towards community cricket and England teams.

To deliver these aims, we developed a strategy based on four key pillars:

  • Improving the way the game is led, through effective leadership and governance
  • Building a vibrant domestic game
  • Enthusing participation and following, especially among young people
  • Developing successful England teams.

In each area, we have then developed clear action plans and – most importantly – clear and measurable targets for the ECB and for our relevant stakeholders. It is these targets which will ensure this is a plan that translates into reality.

Each pillar, and therefore the action plan within each pillar, has had an income and expenditure forecast made for the 2005 to 2009 period.

This document represents simply an Executive Summary of the full strategic plan for cricket. Over the coming year, we will be working with each of our stakeholders, within each of the pillars, to explain the detail behind the plan – and to ensure that we continue to develop a strong and successful game throughout England and Wales.

Building Partnerships - projected expenditure