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ECB board creates reporting window

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Chris Watts

Recently-appointed ECB information manager Chris Watts said: “Information is critical in addressing the threat posed by corruption."

Following the appointment of Chris Watts as the ECB information manager to the Anti-Corruption Unit, the ECB board - at its meeting today - determined that a reporting window through April 30 2012 should be offered to players and officials to report approaches or information related to corrupt activities.

It is an offence under the ECB regulations not to report such activity and the board wished to provide an open opportunity for players or officials who may not have previously reported such activity to be offered the opportunity to furnish information without the threat of sanction concerning a prior failure to report such activity.

Watts commented: “Information is critical in addressing the threat posed by corruption in sport.

“The decision of the board to provide a window for retrospective reporting of alleged approaches will greatly assist the ACCESS unit in compiling a more complete picture of the source and focus of approaches which may have taken place in the past.

“Individuals may not have thought these approaches were worthy of reporting at the time and prior to the decision of the board may have been concerned that the fact that they did not report such activity may have put them at risk of disciplinary action.

“I am working closely with the PCA to provide players and officials with this opportunity to work with our ACCESS unit to ensure that we work together to address the threat created by corruption in sport.”