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Changes to regulations and playing conditions for 2007

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The ECB is pleased to announce the following changes to regulations and playing conditions which come into effect immediately:

1. Regulations for the use of TV umpire

Regulations for the use of the TV Umpire as specified by ICC shall be formally adopted and included in the regulations (they have been used by default until the present time).

2. Player referral of umpire decisions

The referral by players of umpires’ decisions will be trialled in the Friends Provident Trophy competition in 2007. Please visit for full details.

3. LV Championship - over-rate penalties

Over-rate penalties remain at the same level (0.5 points per over down), calculated across the whole of the match. However:

- Time allowances for the 10th wicket and any wicket that falls immediately before an interval should be removed (the allowance of two minutes per wicket is given only when there is a new batsman immediately).

- The maximum over-rate allowed is 24 overs per hour.

4. Taking of new ball in LV County Championship

The threshold for the taking of the ball is reduced from 90 to 80 overs.

5. Termination of dead LV County Championship matches

In line with the new ICC regulation on this matter, if both captains agree, they may terminate the match after (a) the time for the commencement of the last hour has been reached or (b) there are a minimum of 16 overs to be bowled, whichever is the later.

6. Tie-breakers

In one-day competitions, the tie-breaker that analyses the points gained in matches played between those teams on equal points be removed. The tiebreakers for teams finishing on equal points would therefore be: most wins, net run-rate.

7. Surface stabilisation agents (SSA) – LV County Championship pitches

If a County plays a LV County Championship match on a pitch that has been treated with a Surface Stabilisation Agent, it should be investigated by a Pitch Panel. If there are no exceptional circumstances that would indicate that there was no alternative but to play on the SSA-treated pitch, then an 8-point penalty would apply.

8. Reporting of LV County Championship pitches – a clarification

Umpires are required to contact ECB if at any time during the course of the LV County Championship match they are in any way unhappy with the pitch. This is regardless of the number of wickets that may have fallen. While Umpires may need to do this when 15 wickets have fallen on the first day or its equivalent, if they are happy with the pitch, there is no compulsion for them to do so.

9. Points penalty for a “poor” one-day pitch

A county that is found to have produced a “poor” one-day pitch in a group stage or league match (with no extenuating circumstances) shall immediately be penalised one point.

A county that prepares a “poor” one-day pitch (with no extenuating circumstances) in a knockout match or play-off shall be penalised 1 point that is carried forward to the following season. That county shall begin the following season’s competition with negative point(s).

10. Whale machines/waterhog

All counties (and Scotland and Ireland) shall have available at least one sit-on whale machine or waterhog (or the appropriate number of pedestrian machines).

11. Regulations for the review of bowlers reported with suspected illegal bowling actions

ECB shall update regulations in line with ICC. This includes:

- Rather than the average of all types of deliveries (bouncers, yorkers etc) needing to be within the agreed tolerance, every individual type of delivery must be acceptable.

12. Unqualified player registration regulations

- A county will be entitled to change or temporarily substitute either or both of its registered unqualified cricketers (or any substitute) after the commencement of the season provided that the substitute is registered for a minimum period of 21 days. For the avoidance of doubt, in the 2007 season no substitute may be registered to play after September 3 2007.

- A county shall not under any circumstances be entitled to register more than four unqualified cricketers in any one season.

- For the avoidance of doubt, an unqualified cricketer may be substituted if he is injured.

13. Format of Second XI Championship

The number of mandatory matches in the Second XI Championship shall remain at six. Additionally, counties are financially incentivised to play Second XI Championship matches in respect of each match (including combined team matches) over and above the mandatory six up to a maximum of six extra matches.

14. Participation of Scotland ‘A’ in the Second XI Championship

Scotland A shall participate in the Second XI Championship, playing all of their matches away from home.