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ECB backs Government tout plans

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Responding to the publication by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport of a consultation document on the subject of ticket touting, ECB chief executive David Collier said: “The ECB welcomes the publication of proposals by the Government to protect major sporting events from touting.

“Touting has become a scourge on all major sporting events. The short-term impact is to price out fans, the longer term impact could be to turn people, in particular families, away from the sport.

“That is why the ECB and international match venues are taking decisive action to clamp down on their activities at this summer’s ICC World Twenty20 and npower Ashes series.

“We understand that sports themselves have a key role to play in stopping touting. That is why we are committing considerable resource to the fight and have already succeeded in cancelling hundreds of touted tickets for the major events of this summer.


“We have also introduced an electronic exchange system for the ICC World Twenty20 which provides supporters with the opportunity to dispose of tickets which, for genuine reasons, they can no longer utilise through an official channel.

“The ECB can only do so much to prevent touting. To be really effective we need to strengthen our partnership with the Government.

“The ECB is pleased the Government has issued a formal consultation to address touting which has spread due to the efficiency of electronic systems.

“We will take this opportunity to demonstrate the work we are doing and make the case that, unless the secondary market addresses the sale of tickets above face value, new legislation is needed.

“The ECB has previously proposed to the secondary market that they work with us to prevent touting abuses at the very top matches. Unfortunately they have not agreed.

“We hope the clear statement of intent from the DCMS makes them reconsider their actions.”

The ECB has been campaigning for greater regulatory action against touting for several years and Collier has been a member of the DCMS ticket touting summits.

The ECB recently published its own guidance to supporters on touting, including the establishment of an email hotline to report suspected ticket touts. More information is available at,304109,EN.html.