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Seven offences in a year cost Lancs

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Glen Chapple

Glen Chapple has been given a two-match ban, suspended by 12 months, for being at the helm during five fixed penalty offences

Statement from the Cricket Discipline Commission Panel comprising Mike Smith, Ricky Needham and Peter Jewell convened to hear charges brought by the ECB against (a) Lancashire in respect of seven separate occasions when players registered with them were found guilty of fixed penalty offences in a 12-month period and (b) Glen Chapple who was captain of Lancashire when five of the fixed penalty offences took place.

The panel was pleased to learn of the measures taken by Lancashire to improve and maintain good discipline within the club and within the county as a whole. Players had been clearly communicated with and had been spoken to after each incident.

The panel noted that Lancashire were apologetic that the club’s conduct had resulted in a disciplinary hearing and that their previous record was good but ultimately the panel considered that seven separate incidents was unacceptable. The panel determined that the appropriate penalty was a £3,500 fine.

In respect of Chapple, the panel noted that the regulations place a high responsibility on the captain in respect of the conduct of his players. The panel took into account that Chapple recognised the responsibility on him and that his personal disciplinary record over a period of 20 years was exemplary. The panel determined that the appropriate penalty was a two-match suspension, itself suspended for a period of 12 months.

Lancashire were ordered to pay £500 towards the costs of the hearing. No further comment will be made.