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MCC and ECB chairmen confirm strong relationships

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The chairmen of ECB and MCC, Giles Clarke and Charles Fry, take issue with an article in the Daily Telegraph written by Nick Hoult concerning an alleged ‘growing divide’ between MCC and ECB affirming it is without substance.

MCC chairman Charles Fry commented: “At the time of the 2005 restructuring of ECB the MCC was offered a seat on the board and it is entirely for MCC to appoint who the club sees fit as its representative.

“The club regularly reviews our representation at ECB through the normal channels of our committee.

“MCC has a very open and regular dialogue with ECB and we have made great strides forward in strengthening that relationship during the past few years.

“The club does not believe that the Hoult article is an accurate reflection of these cordial relations. The matter of city franchises in the EPL, and their merits or drawbacks, has not been discussed by our committee.”

ECB chairman Giles Clarke commented: “I can confirm that ECB has not been notified of any change to date in MCC’s nominee as a director of the ECB.

“The MCC, through Charles Fry’s excellent leadership, has made significant advances in recent years.

"Relations between MCC and ECB are open, strong and cordial and the flow of information and exchange of ideas is what you would expect between ourselves and MCC, for whom we hold the utmost respect.”