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ECB keen on consultation

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ECB Chief Executive David Collier talks to ECBtv about the TV review

The England and Wales Cricket Board welcomes the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport's decision to call for a period of consultation following the publication of the report on the coverage of sports events on free-to-air television.

The ECB hopes that the Secretary of State now commissions the independent sports rights expertise which are vital to understanding the impact these recommendations will have on investment in cricket.

The ECB would be happy to offer any input requested by the Secretary of State as he conducts this research which, we feel, must be concluded before any meaningful formal consultation can commence.

This is in line with the recommendations of the panel who said that the impact of listing on sports is a key factor that the Secretary of State needs to address in his decision-making.

Both Secretary of State Ben Bradshaw and Minister of Sport Gerry Sutcliffe are big supporters of our grassroots programmes and the recent success our investment in women's cricket has had on the international stage.

In the coming weeks we will set out to them the hugely detrimental impact the panel's recommendations would have on our successful community projects.

We also call for the Secretary of State to pay careful attention to the evidence put forward by the BBC that they do not think the Ashes should be listed due to the impact it could have on the sport's finances.

The ECB is disappointed that the panel ignored our creative suggestion that the B list was strengthened to ensure that highlights of all Test matches are shown in peak family friendly viewing time.