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Proposals approved by ECB

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The England and Wales Cricket Board met this week and have approved the following 17 cricket recommendations:

1. Further trials of an open microphone system with umpires are conducted in the Friends Provident Trophy in 2008.

2. The following balls are used in the respective competitions in 2008:

npower Test Matches - red Dukes

LV County Championship - red Dukes

NatWest International Twenty20 - white Kookaburra

NatWest Series - White Kookaburra

Friends Provident Trophy - white Kookaburra

Twenty20 Cup - white Kookaburra

NatWest Pro40 - white Kookaburra

Second Xl Championship - Half the matches – red Tiflex (Matches to be specified by ECB), half the matches - any BSI licensed ball

Second Xl Trophy - red Kookaburra

MCC UCCE v county - red Tiflex

3. There are no further trials regarding the referral of decisions by players while available technology remains in its current position.

Subsequent to results from other referral trials, ECB should actively work with broadcasters and other parties towards technology and systems that will assist in increasing the number of correct decisions.

4. The use of floodlights in the LV Championship should be discontinued.

There have been a number of occasions when floodlights have been turned on in the LVCC only for play to be subsequently suspended.

It has been accepted that floodlights and a red ball simply do not work – they should be discontinued in order to preserve consistency within and integrity of the competition.

5. Playing conditions should confirm that once the batsman has indicated what shot he is going to play, fielders should be allowed to change position as they see fit.

A submission to MCC should also be made on this matter for them to consider within Law.

6. 60 Hours of play/overs in the day and over-rate penalties in the LV Championship should be altered to:

  • 96 overs in the day (a reduction of 8 overs on Days 1-3)
  • Three two hour sessions: 11am – 1pm / 1.40pm – 3.40pm / 4pm – 6pm
  • A maximum of 30 minutes of time lost during a day’s play to be made up at the end of that same day on all days except the last day
  • No time carried forward from previous days· Over-rate penalties doubled to 1 point for each over not bowled.

7. 'Dead' LV County Championship matches should be allowed to finish (with the consent of both captains) at the commencement of the last hour regardless of the number of overs remaining to be bowled.

8. The white ball should automatically be replaced in FPT matches at the end of the 34th over. Any loss of the replacement ball would come from the normal box of spares. No such ball change is recommended in NatWest Pro40.

This recommendation follows a similar change by ICC.

9. Powerplays should be adopted as per ICC playing conditions in the FPT. No such change of powerplays should apply in NatWest Pro40 (to remain at the first 15 overs). Further, ECB should raise with ICC whether the positioning of fielders within 15 yards in front of the batsman fulfils the intent of the regulation.

10. ECB should not follow ICC with respect to their trial free hit playing condition which allows field changes but ONLY if there is a change of striker.

11. Guidelines for wides should be marked in all domestic one-day cricket as per international matches.

12. The Most wins tiebreaker should be removed in the Twenty20 Cup and the tiebreaker that analyses the points gained in matches between teams that finish on equal points be re-introduced in the Twenty20 Cup and all one-day competitions.

13. The reserve day in knockout rounds in the FPT should be used in the same way as the Twenty20 Cup. 20 overs should constitute a match in knockout FPT games.

14. ECB cricket department would investigate with manufacturers whether it would be possible to produce coloured gloves and armguards.

15. Points penalties in one-day cricket should be applied to the following season’s competition and be doubled to two points for a “poor” one-day pitch and four points for an “unfit” one-day pitch.

If penalties cannot be applied in the current season they are to be carried forward, it was felt appropriate to increase the level of deterrent by doubling the penalty to 2 points for a “poor” one-day pitch and four points for an “unfit” one-day pitch.

16. If a county plays a match at a neutral venue (with particular reference to another county HQ), any resulting pitch penalty is applied to the 'home' team and not to the county hosting the match.

17. The incentive offered to counties in 2007 in respect of second Xl championship matches should continue in 2008.

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