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ECB board approves Schofield recommendations

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The ECB board received the recommendations of the Schofield review on the evening of Tuesday May 22.

In presenting his report, Ken Schofield communicated the background to each recommendation to the board.

The directors of the ECB board then discussed each recommendation with the chairman of the review.

On May 23 the board reconvened and warmly welcomed the comprehensive nature of the recommendations, immediately endorsing 17 of the 19 recommendations contained in the review.

It was noted that the 17th recommendation would require a restructuring of the board’s management, including the possible recruitment of new staff.

A restructuring would require a period of consultation and detailed consideration of the implications by the ECB Board.

The board therefore determined that the chief executive be tasked with bringing forward a report to the Board shortly to outline a process and proposal for a restructuring of the ECB England management structure in accordance with best employment practice and consistent with the vision contained in the review.

The board further noted that in his presentation of the recommendations Ken Schofield acknowledged that recommendation 14 which relates to the volume of cricket and the prioritisation of one-day cricket should be addressed within the Domestic Structure Review Group which is reporting in the autumn.

The board was therefore asked to note this recommendation for consideration by the Domestic Structure Review Group and this was agreed.

The board was pleased to note that the recommendations endorsed the board’s decisions to strengthen the management of Team England, enhance the inclusivity of the first-class counties with Team England and welcomed the clarity of accountability proposed within the report.

David Morgan, the ECB chairman, said: “The board wishes to express its gratitude to all members of the Schofield review team and in particular to Ken Schofield for his leadership of this review.

“The review was exceptionally well received by the board and I am delighted that the prompt endorsement of the recommendations will enable the beneficial changes outlined to be implemented in the immediate future.”

Download the recommendations made by the Schofield review by clicking on the file link below:

Schofield Review - Step Changes (48 KB)

Or you can download the full Review document as a PDF below:

England Cricket Review 2007 (468 KB)

Your contributions

ECB thanks you for all your contributions to the review team via email. A prize of two tickets for one of this summer's Test matches was awarded for the feedback that the team found most enlightening and helpful - which was awarded to Stewart Ratcliffe.

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