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Educating through cricket

Concerned that less than 10 per cent of state schools provided regular organised cricket coaching or competition, the Cricket Foundation charity launched its £50million campaign in 2005 set out to bring competitive cricket - and its educational benefits - back to at least a third of the country’s state schools initially over a ten year period.

Six years on, Chance to Shine supported by Brit Insurance is one of the biggest grassroots sports development programme in the UK.

The campaign recognises the power of cricket to help young people acquire important skills, values and attitudes for their future lives.

The campaign does not aim to develop the cricketing stars of the future and although it’s possible they might find the next Alastair or Charlotte Edwards, their main aim is development through cricket. Chance to Shine is a national campaign that relies on corporate and individual charitable donations.

Chance To Shine

Chance to Shine has already reached 1.5 million children since 2005 and is expected to have a direct impact on the lives of two million boys and girls in a third of state schools by 2015.

The programme currently runs in over 3,000 state schools nationwide and in 2011 alone nearly 350,000 boys and girls have enjoyed the benefits of competitive cricket so far. These benefits include learning to lead, to work in a team and to cope with setbacks.

To sustain the programme and achieve its target of reaching at least two million state school children by 2015, they need to raise £5million annually. To date, the Cricket Foundation has raised £21 million in funds privately through individual donors, corporate partnerships, Trusts and Foundations. The Government, through Sport England, has provided an additional £12.5million funding to support the Chance to Shine campaign.

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How it works

Chance to Shine is delivered through individual projects working with County Cricket Boards across England and Wales.

Each project provides a structured coaching and competition programme for a group of up to eight primary and secondary state schools. The group of schools is supported by professional, qualified coaches engaged by one local cricket club.

Chance to Shine also provide equipment, facility development (including playground markings and non-turf pitches) as well as training for state school teachers and coaches.

Chance to Shine also supports a number of special projects, including StreetChance, MCC Spirit of Cricket and the Hospital Schools programme.

Chance To Shine

Visit the Chance to Shine website for full details, and to join the appeal or donate online.

You can also download a PDF of their case studies booklet ‘Stories behind Chance to Shine’ below:

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Educational benefits

But it’s not just about numbers. Taking part in competitive sport with professional coaches can make a big difference to young lives beyond the playing field.

Last year, the Cricket Foundation asked Loughborough University to evaluate the social and educational impact of its programme. The report found that schoolchildren ‘developed important life skills such as leadership, teamwork and cooperation, through their participation in cricket.’

Teachers highlighted the development of pupils’ teamwork skills through increased competitive opportunities. They said pupils got on better with each other and were far more supportive of their peers.

In the report, teachers explained how cricket matches and tournaments developed pupils’ competitiveness and encouraged fair play. Pupils learnt to win and to lose while discovering how to cope with setbacks in competitive situations. As one teacher described: “There is one boy who was bowled out four or five times in a row and he took it really well. He learnt how to deal with this...and came back and in the next competition and played really well.”

These stories illustrate perfectly the two-pronged aim of Chance to Shine: to bring competitive cricket to state schools and also to educate children through cricket.


State schools that would like to benefit from the scheme should contact their local County Cricket Board for more information on how to join.

For more details on Chance to Shine visit or call 0207 820 1859.

Chance To Shine