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The Lord's Taverners is accredited by the England & Wales Cricket Board as the official national charity for recreational cricket.

The Lord’s Taverners is dedicated to giving young people a sporting chance. This year the charity will donate over £3 million to help young people of all abilities and backgrounds participate in sporting activities by channelling funding into specific schemes:

• Encouraging participation in youth cricket, particularly in disadvantaged areas – providing grants towards non-turf pitches, funding for youth cricket competitions and donating hundreds of cricket bags to clubs and school teams across the UK.

• Supporting recreational and sporting activities for youngsters with special needs – donating specially adapted minibuses and sports wheelchairs giving young people vital transportation and access to sport, and providing grants for sensory, play and sports equipment.

The Lord’s Taverners was founded in 1950 and has raised and distributed over £30m to schools, clubs and special needs organisations in the UK in the last decade.

For more information on The Lord's Taverners, their fundraising activities, celebritiy cricket events, membership and making a donation - see The Lord's Taverners website.

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