ACO Conference a success

ECB Association of Cricket Officials

ECB ACO Conference

ACO would like to thank all the members who attended the Inaugural Conference on Saturday October 17. It was a very successful event with everyone involved enjoying themselves.

Feedback forms went out following the event and we received over 50 per cent back.

Conference activity% Feedback Met,
Above or Well Above

The registration process

84 per cent

The materials provided

82 per cent

The speakers

89 per cent

The media used by speakers

84 per cent

The content of the sessions

78 per cent

The length of the sessions

95 per cent

The venue

99 per cent

The catering facilities

92 per cent

Event organisation on the day

98 per cent

The helpfulness of our team

95 per cent

Correspondence prior to the conference

96 per cent

Did the conference live up to your expectations

89 per cent

Members summed up the day with their favourite strengths. Majority of comments were along the lines of ‘Good atmosphere, looked professional and set a good tone for the meeting and subsequent events’.

ECB ACO Conference

Other members highlighted that the large attendance of both male and female showed that the demographics of officials were changing to encompass both sexes. Other members enjoyed the opportunity to meet up with old friends, and make some new.

Also mentioned was that the young First Class Officials considered the amateurs to all be part of the same group, and that their attendance brought ‘credibility, understanding, motivation and commitment to those seeking to aspire to their esteemed colleagues’.

Other members noted that the professional presentations were a strength, in particular the key note speaker John Barclay. Also the expected comments from any cricket fan regarding the good food.

We also received constructive feedback regarding the event, especially the large number who could not attend the Hawkeye session. In future ACO will make sure that there is a larger facility is available.

ECB ACO Conference

Future changes highlighted the fact that members would like the Conference to tour each County Ground each year and this will be put to the Board in December.

The AGM minutes and finance presentation can be seen by clicking the documents below

AGM Minutes 2009 (69 KB)
ECB ACO Finance Presentation (1.0 MB)

We would like to thank Janet Fisher for sitting through the AGM and noting it for us.

Please have a look at the below accounts of some of the attendees:

Geoff Lowden (29 KB)
Howard Clayton (27 KB)
Sue Jones (26 KB)
Steven Wood (29 KB)

We will be sending out a copy of each of the Workshops by DVD to each County ACO in 2010.

Many thanks

Sam Greaves
Finance & Project Officer