ACU&S Trust

ECB Association of Cricket Officials

Members of the former Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers will recall that a Trust Fund existed for ‘the assistance of persons who are or have been members of The Association and their spouses, widows, widowers, children and other dependents of such persons being in need of relief because of financial hardship.’

Whilst it worked closely with the former Association, the Trust and its finances were always managed separately by a group of Trustees in accordance with its initiating deed.

Although members of the former ACU&S voted for the Association itself to be disbanded and its remaining finances to be transferred to the ECB Association of Cricket Officials, the future of the Trust was a matter for its Trustees.

At their annual meeting earlier this year, Trustees voted unanimously to endorse the existing terms and objects of the Trust and to further those objects for the foreseeable future.

Any members of the former Association or their dependents (as above), who may be in need of relief due to financial hardship are invited to contact the Trust, stating their full name, address, former ACU&S membership number if possible, together with the reason for the request and details of circumstances which have led to the approach.

The Trust cannot guarantee to meet every request but all will be given consideration and applicants can rest assured that matters are treated in complete confidence.

Requests should, in the first instance, be made in writing to:

The Chairman, ACU&S Trust
Graham J Bullock
65 Old Pasture Road
Surrey GU16 8RT