Dynamic new officials set-up

ECB Association of Cricket Officials

The inaugural meeting of the Durham Cricket Board Officials Association (DCBOA), newly formed as part of the ECB Officials Association, was held on Tuesday February 27 at the Riverside.

Proceedings opened when Bob Jackson, secretary of Durham Cricket Board secured the meeting’s approval of the constitution and nominated officers and before handing the meeting over to Chairman Jack McGurk, announced a generous donation from the Board to enable the first years work to be completed. Mr Jackson was thanked on behalf of the association by Jack McGurk.

The new association is not in opposition to the well established ACU&S; many umpires have dual membership of both associations and believe the work of the two associations should complement each other.

The DCBOA does however provide an alternative association for umpires and scorers in Durham County or for those with cricketing connections within the county. Umpires who are members of ECB OA and meet the above criteria will be eligible and most welcome for membership.

Chairman, Jack McGurk said, "We are looking to build a dynamic new association with forward looking ideas and plans in keeping with the 21st century. Some of this thinking will be around training courses and qualification of umpires and scorers to their respective levels, the very lifeblood of our game.

"Being part of ECB we are strategically positioned for looking after the well being of our members and providing them with up to date information about things locally in cricket as well as keeping abreast of MCC cricket laws and any changes nationally or internationally to our game.”

Elected officials are as follows:-

Chairman - Jack McGurk
Secretary - Keith Sutherland
Treasurer - Ray Burn
Education Officer - Keith Sutherland
Publicity Officer - Roy Simpson
Scorers Officer - Keith Telford
Appointments Officer - Peter Brown
Assessment Officer - Keith Nicholson
Committee Member - Brian Taylor

With the committee in place, a full programme of meetings and events will now be circulated to all members. It is of course hoped that this vibrant new association will go from strength to strength, catering for Umpires, Scorers and Cricket within County Durham. More information from Roy Simpson on 0191 586 2660.