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ECB Association of Cricket Officials

ECB Association of Cricket Officials represents Scorers and Umpires for and on behalf of the national governing body, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

ECB ACO is the membership organisation responsible for the recruitment, training and development of all cricket officials.

We have a separate board that works with the executive to run the association. We work at national, regional and local county level to have a direct link with you as an individual member. Whatever the level of cricket you aspire to officiate at, the association will involve and represent you - it is up to you which courses you take and how fast or slow you choose to progress.

We cater for all ages and abilities, with the youngest members between the ages of 14 and 25 able to join our young officials squads, where they get opportunities to officiate at different tournaments and matches all around the country.

For more information or assistance contact:

Tel: 0121 446 2710
Email: ecbaco@ecb.co.uk

History of...

The Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers (commonly known as the ACU&S) was set up in 1953 by the umpire Tom Smith as the Association of Cricket Umpires (the scorers were included in the title several years later).

It had a membership exceeding 8,000 in countries all over the world before it was merged with the ECB Officials Association in 2007 to form the ECB Association of Cricket Officials.

It provided training in the Laws of Cricket to cricket officials in the form of three graded qualifications called GL6, GL5 and GL4. Organisation of the association was by a system of regions and branches within regions. All regions were represented on the central governing body known as general council.

Funding came from membership fees, sponsorship, advertising in its quarterly newsletter ‘How's That’ and the profits from the sale of umpire and scorer accessories, such as ties, shirts and trousers. The first chairman was Tom Smith and the first president was Douglas Jardine.


In December 2007 the membership of the ACU&S voted (67% for, 33% against on a low turnout) to merge with the England and Wales Cricket Board Officials Association [ECBOA].


This new organisation eventually became the ECB Association of Cricket Officials. Supporters of the merger argued that integration with the ECB would raise the profile of umpiring and scoring, provide much needed funds and improve training.

Association textbook

The textbook "Cricket Umpiring and Scoring" was first published in 1957 under the authorship of Colonel R S Rait-Kerr.

Later editions were edited by Tom Smith, MBE. Later revisions were undertaken by Sheila Hill MBE and Robbie Robins in 1992, when the name was changed to "Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring and Scoring" at the suggestion of Colin Pearson as a permanent honour to the founder. The changes to the Laws in 2000 required a substantial re-write and this was undertaken by Colin Edwards, Graeme Lowrie (NZ) and Graham Cooper. The new edition was published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson in 2004.

On the formation of ECB ACO, the responsibility for "Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring and Scoring" was passed to MCC as guardian of the Laws and a revised version was published by MCC in 2011. Also passed to MCC were a number of artefacts belonging to the Association including a silver salver engraved with the signatures of the 1932/33 MCC tourists to Australia (the 'Bodyline' tour) which had been presented to the association by Douglas Jardine.

ECB ACO currently stands as the largest group of cricket officials in the world with a near 9,000 strong membership.