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Paul Bedford

Paul Bedford

Message from Paul Bedford, ECB's Head of Operations (non first class cricket), to ECB ACO Members and ECB Leagues

As part of pre-season information, I am taking this opportunity to remind you of the assistance that is already in place and what is new for 2009.


- see model disciplinary guidelines

1) Standard of proof is based upon civil rather than criminal justice. This means that if a disciplinary committee is called the members do not have to prove beyond reasonable doubt but on the balance of probability.

2) All bans of four weeks or more should be reported on CBMS system with and email to Head of Operations - Non First Class Cricket by a member of the County Cricket Board responsible for the club of the player in question.

New for 2009

Supervision of the toss to be carried out by all Umpires operating in ECB matches, this includes Minor Counties, Premier League, National Knockout Cup, Cockspur Club T20 and County Age Group matches.

Please request that your Officials use this opportunity to remind Captains of their responsibility under the Code of Conduct incorporating the Spirit of Cricket in the match.

For this season we request that particular focus of attention is paid to:

a) On-field dissent, which includes equipment abuse, evidence of either will trigger an obligatory disciplinary report.

b) Application of the laws following the bowling of high full pitch balls.

Discipline to form part of the ECB coaching programme from September 2009.

I trust you will enjoy a 'Great Exhibition' of cricket in 2009.

With best wishes

Paul Bedford
Head of Operations (non first class cricket)