ECB Association of Cricket Officials

Q: How do I become a member of the ECB ACO?
A: You can either go to the membership section of the website or print out a membership application and a direct debit form. We can also send you an application in the post. Once completed, return the forms to the address stated on them.

Q: How can I gain an umpire’s/scorer’s qualification?
A: Please speak to your local association. See contacts here (255 KB).

Q: I hope to umpire some matches that are not just League, for example national club championship and county age group games. The question is, how do I go about this?
A: ECB currently make appointments to National Club, County U17, Elite Player Development Programme, Women's County Championship, Women's Super 4s, MCC University matches and County Second Eleven matches.

Appointments are made based on the information received by ECB from performance reports on umpires in addition to regular updates from county boards (including information on performances in local league matches) on the potential of officials in their area. All this information is reviewed and appointments can then be made and reviewed at the various levels that umpires perform at.

ECB also has teams of ‘assessors’ who will be available to go to observe individuals as they are given these appointments to obtain an additional perspective on the potential of the umpires used.

This is an on going process and its development is dependent on the information that is forthcoming at the local level. As individuals you should look to your local association to provide you with the support you require to progress to the level your ability merits.

Q: I have scored/umpired for ECB age group, 2nd XI, Minor Counties, premier league fixtures. Why am I not a Level 3 ECB ACO Umpire?
A: Please call or email Chris Kelly regarding any questions about appointments or training. Tel – 0207 432 1170; Email –

Q: What are the membership types and what are their costs?
A: Classes of Membership

Full member - £30 direct debit, £32 cheque/credit card
Associate member (non active) - £15, £17
Young Officials member (14-25 years old) - £15, £17
EU member – €36 Euro Cheque/bank transfer/credit card
Overseas member - €18 Euro Cheque/bank transfer/credit card

Q: How do I renew my DBS?
A: For all queries regarding CRB please contact the CRB department - Email: - Tel: 0207 432 1224

Q: Who do I make my cheque payable too?
A: Cheques are made out to ECB ACO

Q: If ECB has said umpires who have passed GL5 will be accorded Level 2 status, why bother with GL4 and assessment for QM status?
A: The intention is to fulfil a commitment to members. Examinations can be an incentive to candidates, and achieving QM status will give personal satisfaction.

Q: How long does my DBS last for?
A: An ECB CRB disclosure is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. (Eg. Date of issue: 01/01/2008 - Expiry date: 01/01/2011)

Q: How do I get a DBS if I am based overseas?
A: You would need to submit an 'Overseas Vetting Application'. Download form here Safe Hands Kit Bag: 6 - Overseas Vetting Form (248 KB)

Q: Where can I get a DBS form from?
A: You can request a DBS form by emailing Please include the address you would like the form to be sent to.

Q: Who can I get to sign my form?
A: Please either contact your CDM or email DBS at requesting a list of ECB contacts for your area. You will need to include your county in the email.