Fourth Edition of the Laws of Cricket approved

ECB Association of Cricket Officials

MCC Laws Sub Committee has recently approved the 4th Edition of the Laws of Cricket.

Laws of Cricket 2000 (Code 4th Edition 2010) (73 KB)

Law 24.5 (Fair delivery – the feet) has been amended in relation to the landing of the bowler’s front foot. It became apparent that some slow bowlers were bowling with their front foot going right across to the other side of the stumps. This meant that a bowler could, for example, say that he was bowling over the wicket but release the ball as though bowling round the wicket. MCC felt that this is not fair, particularly taking into account the positioning of the sight-screen, and consequently altered the law so that the bowler’s front foot must land with some part of his foot, whether grounded or raised, on the same side as an imaginary line joining the two middle stumps as the side of the wicket on which he has stated he will bowl.”

The law relating to the front foot crossing the return crease has not changed.

MCC Laws - New Edition (342 KB)

New law books will be available through our licensed merchandise supplier, Duncan Fearnley Cricket Sales Limited, from August 2010 on their dedicated ACO website

ECB ACO has also produced a best practice guide. The purpose is to help guide new officials manage a game of cricket. A copy of the card will be sent out in the next newsletter but a version can be found below.

ECB ACO - Best Practice Guide (210 KB)

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