Get yourself graded

ECB Association of Cricket Officials


Interested scorers should get in touch by emailing us before next March and a local assessment will be arranged for you

All around the country, cricket scorers ply their trade with the minimum fuss – often the unsung heroes of cricket.

Scorers are essential for the game and yet receive the least recognition. ECB Association of Cricket Officials want to do something about that.

We have created a pathway for scorers, which will enable you to progress, if you have the talent and desire, right through the echelons of the game from club to Test arena. We’re developing a great suite of training packages to help scorers achieve their aims.

To give a helping hand to those who want to take a first step along the pathway, we’re launching a great new initiative which recognises existing scorers with ability and experience without putting you through the usual exams.

Just register your interest to before next March and we will arrange for you to receive a local assessment based on your experience and an ECB ACO grading.

It’s then up to you to decide how you would like to progress.