Insurance Scheme for Members

ECB Association of Cricket Officials

Kerry London is the broker for the Association of Cricket Officials:

  • Policy number 11/SZ/15316801/01
  • Lawphone Legal Helpline 0870 241 4140

Scheme Cover

Please download and read the document below for full details:

ECB Officials Association Insurance Scheme (94 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the age limits on the ACO insurance cover?
Firstly there is no minimum age limit - it simply depends if they are members - however for anyone under the age of 16 or 18 in full-time education the Death is reduced from £20,000 to £10,000. The upper age limit of 80 years only applies in respect of the Personal Accident Section not the PL and EL; sections. The age band is from 16 to 65 for full weekly benefits on the Personal Accident section and this is reduced for those aged 66 to 80.

Who is the senior representative of the claims function?
Dave Nash (BTE Claims Manager). Telephone: 01454 455643 E-mail:

Do you have a step by step ‘claimants guide?
Yes, please see the below points provided by the Lawphone Superintendent.

  • As soon as an official becomes aware of a potential claim against them, contact Lawphone on 0870 241 4140.
  • The official should not instruct their own legal representative at this stage.
  • A legal advisor will return their call within an hour and will provide appropriate advice to the official.
  • If appropriate the legal advisor will arrange for a claim form to be sent to the official which should be completed and returned ASAP.
  • Upon receipt of the completed claim form our insurers claims department will assess whether the claim is covered under the ECB policy terms.
  • In the event that the claim is covered our insurers claims department will appoint a legal representative to act on behalf of the official.
  • In order to assist us, officials should keep copies and/or a record of all communications in relation to the dispute.
  • Officials should be aware that our insurers will not reimburse any costs incurred before the insurers agree to pay them.
  • Officials should be reminded that cover is subject to all terms and conditions of their policy

EU and Overseas membership insurance FAQ’s

The insurance scheme ( states:

Territorial Limits (pt 4)

A Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands
B any other member country of the European Union
C elsewhere in the world in respect of injury, loss or damage caused by or arising from:

i) non-manual activities of any partner, director or Employee of the Insured normally resident within the territories specified in Definition 4.A. above and occurring during any journey or temporary visit
ii) Products

What Countries based in Europe can’t qualify for EU membership?

The following European Countries are not members of the EU and therefore are not entitled to EU membership -

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Faroe Islands
Holy See (Vatican City)
San Marino
Serbia and Montenegro

NB Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man are classed as British Residence. Gibraltar is not UK or EU.