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ECB Association of Cricket Officials

Many queries on the Laws of Cricket, which apply equally to women’s cricket as to men’s, are sent to MCC for decision every year.

MCC, as the accepted Guardian of the Laws, which can only be changed by vote of two-thirds of the Members at a Special General Meeting of the Club, has always been prepared to answer the queries and to give interpretations on certain conditions, which will be readily understood.

a) In the case of league or competition cricket, the enquiry must come from the committee responsible for organising the league or competition. In other cases, enquiries should be initiated by a representative officer of a club, or of an umpires’ association on behalf of his or her committee, or by a master or mistress in charge of school cricket.

b) The incident on which a ruling is required must not be merely invented for disputation but must have actually occurred in play.

c) The enquiry must not be connected in any way with a bet or wager.

For further information regarding the Laws please contact the MCC Laws Department at

Laws of Cricket 2000 (Code 4th Edition 2010) (73 KB)

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