Pearce gets long-service award

ECB Association of Cricket Officials

Brian Pearce

Brian Pearce with his special award

ECB ACO and Devon ACO have rewarded long-standing umpire Brian Pearce for all his work for recreational cricket and officiating.

Brian (ACO 8621) is an English gentleman in the classic sense, who has been involved with sports education (cricket and football) for most of his life and a multitude of people have been fortunate to have him as their instructor, tutor and mentor.

His activities in the cricketing world are remarkable. In 1959 he joined the ACU (the National Body for Cricket Umpires) and soon after he became a fully qualified Umpire.

The DCUS (Devon Cricket Umpires Society) was formed in 1962 and Brian travelled from his work place in Surrey to attend many of the early meetings. He eventually was invited to join DCUS in 1973 and readily agreed. When the North Devon branch was reformed in 1978 he became Chairman.

He was ACUS Councillor from 1988-1992 and sat on the DCUS Management Committee for many years.

These are just a few of Brian’s achievements but it is in North Devon where he has had a tremendous impact.

He has been carrying out training, initially in Surrey, and then for over 30 years in North Devon – the majority of that single-handed. He is still Appointments Officer and Training Officer for the North Devon Branch of DACO.

In 2002 Brian organised a superb Seminar in North Devon to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of DCUS. He wrote a marvellous book of the history of the Society.

David Moseby, Chairman DACO, said: "At the seminar I was honoured as Chairman of DCUS to award him Life Membership of our Society.

"Brian is a traditionalist, and like many he had a lot of issues to consider when ECBACO took over from ACUS as the National Officials Society in 2008.

"In Devon this meant the end of DCUS after 46 years and the formation of DACO. I spent hours talking to Brian about this as I knew he would be deeply upset and concerned about the end of an organisation he was so proud of.

"It is typical of the man that he listened to the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that for the long term good of cricket in Devon and all of our members the move to DACO was the right one.

"His support for the new organisation was vital and he is now carrying out his outstanding duties for DACO."

Brian Pearce’ s contribution to DCUS/DACO is truly unique and it is entirely appropriate that his unstinting dedication over many years should be recognised formally by ECB ACO.