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Introductory Course
This short stand-alone course is of 2-3 hours duration and is designed to introduce anyone with an interest in cricket to scoring and to give a basic overview of how to score a match. No prior knowledge is required.

ECB ACO Level 1 – How to record a cricket match
This course is 12–16 hours duration and consists of six modules (deliveries) and is designed and presented for those who intend to score regularly. The course content covers standard scoring symbols, umpire signals, some key laws and completion of all 10 parts of the scoring record or book. No prior knowledge is required. The award of an ECB ACO Level 1 scoring certificate is awarded on successful completion of a scorer assessment which involves recording a match and demonstrating the knowledge required as a club scorer.

ECB ACO Level 1 - Correspondence Course
ECB ACO runs a Level 1 Correspondence Course which can be taken at the students own pace and at any time of year.
The course comprises 5 modules which must be completed over the course of 1 year and comprises learning material and assignments which are marked and returned to the candidate through the post. Successful candidates will be granted Level 1 scorer status.
The principal contact for the Correspondence Course is Lynn Allen. Please contact for further details

ECB ACO Level 1A - Understanding the Game
Scorer Level 1A is not a taught course and is available to all scorers who have successfully completed the L1 programme. This programme is the practical application of recording 10 matches building on the knowledge and skills gained from the level 1 course. Scorers will keep a record of their matches and have an observation and professional discussion with a Level 2 scorer to complete their award.

ECB ACO Level 2 – Developing the experienced Scorer
This programme is 6-8 hours duration and consists of six modules and is designed for experienced scorers who wish to refresh their knowledge and/or hone their skills. It covers the application and interpretation of law; an introduction to other methods of scoring, working with a colleague, statistics and differing rules and regulations.

CPD workshops for scorers from ECB ACO currently include:

  • Duckworth-Lewis method
  • Linear scoring
  • Computer scoring – Total Cricket Scorer (TCS)

ECB ACO Level 3 – Advanced Scorer
The advanced scorer will have experience recording a wide range of competitions involving different rules and regulations that may include multi-day matches. The Level 3 programme will build on that experience and sharing of best practice. Experienced scorers who have completed Level 2 and the CPD workshops may be nominated for and invited to attend the Level 3 programme.