Statement re vetting

ECB Association of Cricket Officials

Statement from the England & Wales Cricket Board Ethics Department to County Umpire Panel Boards who will be appointing umpires for the 2011 season regarding the correct procedure to check that umpires have been vetted appropriately:

Panel Boards who ask for a disclosure number must be reminded that this is not proof of vetting, it just indicates the person has completed a CRB check and there is currently no database where this number can be entered and therefore it should not be used.

The correct procedure that Panel Boards should use is to ask the individuals for their name, date of birth and postcode as it appears on the disclosure and either forward to the County Welfare Officer or Cricket Development Manager who have access to the database and can confirm current vetting status and valid to date.

All ACO members with a FULL membership type (shown on their 2011 membership card) have been vetted by ECB.