Young Umpire tutors refresher

ECB Association of Cricket Officials

ECB ACO Young Umpire tutors refresher

This event was held at Lord’s in order to develop the tutoring skills and practices of the ECB ACO Young Umpire Award tutors.

It was also a good opportunity for the tutors to come together with the Young Officials Development Officer and ACO executives Ben Francis and Eddie Lunn (Education Officer – South).

This allowed for open discussion on how the previous educational period had gone, what problems arose and how the following year could be improved. Through this discussion, it was agreed that the practical elements of the course would be better included in all parts of the course and planned changes to the course delivery will make a very positive difference to the candidate’s experience.

Positive feedback was received on the course content and resources, and we will therefore look to continue this throughout next year.

Another very important part of the day was organised and run by Eddie Lunn. He spent a large proportion of the day running through key practices and skills required when tutoring and how our tutors could better communicate and teach participants.

We received very good feedback regarding this and feel it was extremely useful to run through new ideas and develop tutoring techniques, not only for the new tutors but also for the more experienced ones. Overall it appears to have been an extremely useful task for the tutors to participate in.