ECB Sports Science & Medicine Team

ECB National Cricket Performance Centre

ECB Science And Medicine

The ECB Sport Science and Medicine (SS&M) department steers the development of England and First Class County (FCC) multidisciplinary support teams. We are engaged in a number of cricket performance focused projects aimed at maximising the availability and performance of England’s best players.

The ECB Science and Medicine team works to support the recruitment and integration of professional science and medicine practitioners into England, county professional and academy programmes, which is central to the development of future world’s best players for England.

Key personnel in the SS&M Dept at Loughborough are:

Michael Bourne - ECB Head of Science and Medicine
Nick Peirce - ECB Chief Medical Officer
Pete Atkinson - ECB National Lead for Strength & Conditioning
Mark Bawden - National Lead Psychology & ET Sport Psych
Ben Langley - National Lead Physiotherapy
Giles Lindsay - National Lead Performance Analysis
Jeni Crouch - ECB Science & Medicine Business Administrator

ECB Science And Medicine

ECB Science and Medicine’s aim is to optimise England’s best players' availability and performance through the provision of cricket’s best science and medicine services.

We have seven key objectives:

  • Minimise the impact of injury and illness on the availability and performance of England’s best players
  • Ensure players are physically the best prepared in world cricket
  • Ensure players are psychologically the best prepared in world cricket
  • Enable individuals to excel and develop sustainable performance within and outside cricket
  • Conduct innovative research and development to inform coaching plans, science and medicine support programmes
  • Engage, lead and quality assure a national network of sports physicians, physiotherapists, S&C coaches, psychologists and personal development and welfare coaches delivering to England and FCC squads
  • Engage in partnership with key internal and external stakeholders to deliver effective science and medicine support

For more information on the functions of the SS&M Dept and other key staff, please see the pages linked below: