The ECB Physiotherapy Team

ECB National Cricket Performance Centre

Tim Bresnan, Mark Wotherspoon & Ben Langley

Ben Langley, England Men’s Team Physiotherapist, chats with Tim Bresnan

Ben Langley – National Lead Physiotherapy
Craig de Weymarn - England Team Physiotherapist
Steve McCaig – EDP/NCPC Physiotherapist
Susan Dale – England Women Physiotherapist
Mark Saxby – England Massage Therapist

The chief aim of the ECB physiotherapy team is to minimise the impact of injury and illness on the availability and performance of England squads.

This is achieved through ongoing assessment for risk of injury and effective rehabilitation.

The physiotherapist will screen players to identify any potential risk of injury and illness and then guide them through prevention strategies such as movement control, conditioning and recovery.

When injuries are sustained, the physiotherapist will work closely with the medical team to diagnose and rehabilitate the player back to full fitness using strategies such as manual therapy, corrective exercise and education.