The ECB Strength & Conditioning Team

ECB National Cricket Performance Centre

Pete Atkinson – ECB National Lead Strength & Conditioning
Phil Scott - England Team Strength & Conditioning Coach
Rob Ahmun - EPDP/NCPC S&C Coach
Ian Durrant – England Women’s Strength & Conditioning Coach
Chris Rosimus – Performance Nutritionist

The aim of the ECB strength & Conditioning Team is to implement a number of strategies to ensure that all players are optimally prepared to cope with the physical demands of international cricket.

This includes the provision of individual strength, endurance, speed and agility programming, as well as the formulation of pre-play preparation and post-play recovery guidelines.

A major part of the overall Strength & Conditioning strategy is the ongoing assisted learning programme which applies to staff and players at all levels and covers many areas.

The ongoing assisted learning programme includes specific nutritional education and advice, and the development of the player’s basic Strength & Conditioning knowledge base.

National Cricket Performance Centre