One Game - Anti-Racism

Through its Clean Bowl Racism and Let’s Hit Racism For Six campaigns ECB is committed that cricket should be welcoming to all areas of society irrespective of colour, religion, creed or race.

Hit Racism For Six

The Clean Bowl Racism campaign was launched by ECB prior to the 1999 Cricket World Cup and has been supplemented by the Let’s Hit Racism For Six campaign.

These campaigns have been endorsed by senior England players from both the men’s and women’s teams and they will be the ambassadors who carry the message that racism will not be tolerated in cricket.

The Commission for Racial Equality has already recognised that ECB is one of only three sporting organisations to reach the Intermediate Level in its Sporting Equals initiative.

Sporting Equals is an independent body that promotes ethnic diversity across sport and physical activity in the UK.

They have published thirteen factsheets providing information on the major religious and faith groups and emerging communities within the UK and issues which may be relevant to the participation of members of those communities in sport.

Copies of these factsheets can be downloaded below.

Clean Bowl Racism

For further information click on the Sporting Equals website.

Buddhism Factsheet (161 KB)
Christianity Factsheet (148 KB)
Czech Factsheet (238 KB)
Estonian Factsheet (222 KB)
Hinduism Factsheet (162 KB)
Hungarian Factsheet (218 KB)
Islam Factsheet (158 KB)
Judaism Factsheet (157 KB)
Latvian Factsheet (215 KB)
Lithuanian Factsheet (224 KB)
Polish Factsheet (246 KB)
Sikhism Factsheet (161 KB)
Slovenian Factsheet (200 KB)