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  • "I pledge to take my friend to my junior cricket training this summer,"
  • or "We pledge to look at improving our disabled access at the club."

If you're not sure what to write, you can also have a look at the file below, which includes pledges volunteers attending the NatWest OSCAs at Lord's in 2009 wrote and stuck to the One Game pledge board at the event!

OSCAs Pledges 2009 (26 KB)

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Purpose of the Pledge

The One Game Pledge underpins the One Game campaign to ensure that the unique nature of cricket in England and Wales is celebrated and the whole game is accessible to all.

Chris Adams One Game

Then Sussex skipper Chris Adams signs the One Game Pledge

This pledge has been produced to prevent/tackle any potential/current discrimination or other unfair treatment, whether intentional or unintentional, direct or indirect, against players, spectators, members and volunteers.

This pledge is applicable to the game of cricket at all levels and in all roles.

Sharing the One Game values

The One Game Pledge forms the cornerstone of the One Game campaign to ensure that the unique and inclusive nature of cricket in England and Wales is celebrated, respected and nurtured.

As the current guardians of cricket, it is up to each and every one of us to hand our game on in better shape that when we found it. This philosophy applies to us all, at every level of the game from the playground through to our international teams.

The One Game Pledge gives us all the opportunity to commit to a shared set of values that allows the game to develop and embrace the whole community regardless of age, race, ability or gender.

By signing the One Game Pledge you are signalling publicly that you welcome all newcomers to the game and share the passion and pride of those already involved.

Owais Shah One Game

Owais Shah adds his signature to the Pledge