Welfare Officers

The ECB is committed to continuing to provide an environment that is safe, welcoming and friendly for children and for all people to enjoy the game of cricket.

Safeguarding in cricket is based upon providing an enjoyable environment that meets the needs and requirements of children.

A welcoming environment where children are asked for and are able to offer their views and opinions (for example, about the game, training sessions, or arrangements generally) is a safer environment, where children feel more able to share concerns, and everyone feels more able to challenge poor practice or behaviour.

Club Welfare Officers are vital to this and are key members of the club.

Why do clubs need a Club Welfare Officer?

Whilst everyone is responsible for safeguarding, the Club Welfare Officer makes sure things happen.

As the Club Welfare officer you will make sure the policies and procedures are in place, and that everyone who should be vetted to work with children, is vetted by the ECB.

You will be the person that others come to if they have concerns, and having attended the Safe Hands training, you will know what to do, or who to ask for further help.

Club Welfare Officer Role description and training needs:

Training for Club Welfare officers

Club Welfare Officers need to attend two sets of initial training – the Safeguarding and Protecting Children course run by Sportscoach Uk, and the ‘Safe Hands Workshop’ which is run by the local County Board. The County Welfare Officer is present at the Safe Hands workshop.

An ECB Vetting check is also required.

Every three years, the three requirements must be updated. Boards also run ‘Safe Hands Refresher’ course.  

Important information for Club Welfare Officers.

Contact your Board to enquire about upcoming Safe Hands Workshops

Useful documents for Club Welfare Officers

Safeguarding Contacts

Safeguarding Manager: Richard Desjardins
Safeguarding Manager: Richard Desjardins
Safeguarding Adviser: Lance Spring
Safeguarding Caseworker: Ourania Mapouras
If you have any safeguarding queries or require further information please contact: Tel 020 7432 1200
Or Email:  safeguarding@ecb.co.uk

County Welfare Officers

County Welfare Officers are appointed by each County Cricket Board in order to provide advice and assistance on Safeguarding Children for clubs, leagues and other affiliated organisations within each county.

All Club Welfare Officers are provided with the County Welfare Officer’s contact details as part of the Safe Hands training programme within each County.

If club members need to contact the County Welfare Officer directly for any reason, then contact should be made via the County Cricket Board office.

UPDATES 2014 – please update your Safe hands folder!

It’s our game not yours!

See the NSPCC toolkit for promoting positive parental behaviour