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Business class and more class contests

In her first blog while England Women play for the World Twenty20, Jenny Gunny reveals notable journeys to the airport and Bangladesh.

So six weeks have passed since we got back from Australia, and we are on the move again heading out to Bangladesh.

Leaving it to the last minute to pack (standard), I realised that I only had two cricket spikes - both left-footed ones! I must have thrown the wrong ones away in Australia. Without a car to go and collect a new (complete) pair, I was a little bit stuck. It was the choice of a long taxi ride to the shop, or using my powers of persuasion to get a friend to leave a meeting at work to be my personal chauffeur. I'm just happy I realised just in time.

Fortunately I have a pair of boots to wear after realising while packing that I returned from Australia with only two left-footed ones

On getting to the airport we were met with the news that Jonesy (Amy Jones) and Grunners (Becky Grundy) were involved in a car accident on their way down from Loughborough. Well, that's how Jonesy described it (possibly still in a state of shock). The actual story according to Grunners was that someone reversed into them at two mph and decided to beep their horn! Jonesy continued her eventful day into dinner when she dropped a chicken wing down her brand new white t-shirt.

We had a five-hour stop-over in Dubai on our way to Dhaka, and the more experienced travellers in the group (best way of not calling us old) had enough frequent flyer points to get into the Emirates lounge. It was a nice way to chill out before another four-hour flight to Bangladesh. When Lyd (Lydia Greenway) and I got to the gate we had a nice surprise, as we had been upgraded to business class. We didn't know quite what to do as we felt bad for the rest of the team, but then Trev (Heather Knight) came and sat down next to us as she had been upgraded too! To top it off, the rest of the girls and management had to walk past us to get to their seats… possibly a bit harsh on them! As we pointed out at the time, they will all hopefully learn from this and get their membership cards sorted.

The ‘Poshies’ and ‘Commoners’ competition, which we started in Australia, is carrying on out here in ‘The Desh’. First up the Poshies organised a game of charades, Pictionary and ‘hum the song’. It's safe to say that the Poshies must have played all these games in their dorms at their posh private schools, as they smashed us! Everyone's favourite moment came when Anya (Shrubsole) had to hum the song ‘Stan’ by Eminem. She quickly announced that she couldn't hum it, but she could rap it… she doesn't look like much of a rapper to me!

We now have a few training days before two warm-up matches against Pakistan and New Zealand so a bit more time to get used to the heat.