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Collingwood named England MVP

Paul Collingwood

Paul Collingwood has been most valuable to England in all formats © Getty Images

England’s top international cricketer will receive a Most Valuable Player award for their efforts this year.

If the criteria been applied over the last year, Paul Collingwood would have been the winner of the Professional Cricketers’ Association’s gong had the points formula been applied retrospectively.

The MVP collates cumulative points for every run scored, wicket taken and catch held.

England one-day captain Collingwood was ranked number one in both 50-over and Twenty20 cricket and fourth in Tests.

Hampshire batsman Kevin Pietersen finished second overall while Ryan Sidebottom, the MVP in Tests, finished third.

“So many players in the past have only concentrated on their average, and when you look at it, their contribution to the team hasn’t been brilliant,” said former England captain Chris Cowdrey.

“With the MVP, you are judging players properly, those players that contribute the most to the team will go to the top of the table.”