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Swann reveals secret to success

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Graeme Swann

Graeme Swann joked as long as his mum "still thinks I'm the best spinner in the world then that's all that matters"

Graeme Swann has worked out the key to Test match success - 'play like you do in the back garden'.

England's world number one spin bowler was again central to their success, with seven wickets in the match, as they went 1-0 up with three to play in the Ashes at the Adelaide Oval.

The 31-year-old, who has revitalised the art of orthodox finger spin in international cricket, revealed the secret of his startling wicket-taking knack.

When he returns to the side for next week's third Test in Perth - he was rested for the tour match against Victoria - he will be treating the WACA like his back lawn in West Bridgford.

"The best players in the world - and the best batsmen, I believe - are the ones who treat a Test match as if it's a knock in the back garden," he said.

"The pressure doesn't seem to affect them, and they treat it like the bat-and-ball game they grew up with."

Swann spent almost a decade back in county cricket before bursting onto the international scene two years ago.

But he has learned the difference between first-class and international matches is largely in the mind.

"The main thing you find out about Test cricket is that it's exactly the same as county cricket,” he added.

"It's just that the pressure is ramped up 10-fold, and that causes things to happen."

As for his chances of becoming, outright, the world's number one-ranked bowler, he insists it will mean nothing if England do not turn their lead into Ashes series victory this winter.

"I couldn't really give a monkey's about being number one in the world, if we win the Ashes,” he revealed."I'd rather be down at number 20.

"I could get to number one, and we could lose a Test match - so it wouldn't matter at all.

"It would be very nice - my mum would be very proud - but I honestly couldn't give a monkey's, as long as England win the Ashes."

In any case, it will be his mum Mavis whose opinion always carries more weight with him than the International Cricket Council rankings.

"As long as she still thinks I'm the best spinner in the world then that's all that matters," he joked.

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