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Strauss wants same again in Perth

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Andrew Strauss said England's momentum from victory at Adelaide "counts for nothing if we give it away here"

Andrew Strauss has called on England to produce a repeat performance of their victory at Adelaide in the third Ashes Test at Perth.

However, he has urged the tourists not to get carried away with their triumph by an innings and 71 runs in the previous Test.

Strauss’ side will retain the urn with victory at the WACA, but the captain is demanding the right mix of urgency and caution to achieve that.

"We've obviously got some good momentum in the series from how we played in Adelaide," he said. "But that counts for nothing if we give it away here.

"It's about us keeping our feet on the ground, remembering what we've done well so far in the series and making sure we replicate that."

England have had a week of normality, with the drawn tour match against Victoria in Melbourne, since outplaying Australia in Adelaide, and Strauss thinks that should work to their advantage.

"In a lot of ways it's a good thing because you can get too caught up in the euphoria and expect to just be able to turn up and bowl teams out again," he added. "That's not the way cricket works.

"You've got to earn the right to get on top of opposition sides. So it's been quite helpful in a sense to get away from it for a few days, let it sink in, come to Perth and realise these are going to be slightly different conditions."

England will announce tomorrow morning who gets the final place in their team as replacement for the injured Stuart Broad.

Andy Flower, Andrew Strauss & Chris Tremlett

Strauss, centre, said in deciding who will replace Stuart Broad, "we're going to have to try to read the wicket"

If the tourists again go with three specialist seamers and off-spinner Graeme Swann, it will be one of Tim Bresnan, Ajmal Shahzad and Chris Tremlett.

"I've had pretty strong ideas about the type of replacement we want for ‘Broady’ for a while now," Strauss confirmed.

"But it is important not to be too dogmatic about things."

Strauss added: "All three bring different skills to the party, and we have to work out which one is going to be best for Perth and onwards.

"The way we've got to look at it is which bowler will help us take 20 wickets.

"When you're only playing four bowlers, they've got to be able to do their primary job.

"We're going to have to try to read the wicket - which is always a bit of a mysterious art."

Whoever he goes with, Strauss appears to be shying away from the prospect of an out-and-out bouncer war, even against Australia's replacement opener Phil Hughes, who has appeared ill at ease against the short ball in the past.

"We're quite fortunate in that we spent 10 days here, preparation-wise, at the start of the tour and played a three-day match," Strauss added. "So I think the guys know what sort of lengths you need to bowl on this wicket.

"But generally in Australia, and I think even more so here, it's about consistency; building up pressure and being able to do it for six balls an over, not four or five.

"That's one thing we've done pretty well in this series and, I hope, we'll be able to continue."

Graeme Swann, James Anderson & Tim Bresanan

Strauss revealed James Anderson, centre, now back from England, is "cock-a-hoop, excited about playing in this game"

James Anderson is back to lead the attack after returning to England to attend the birth of his second daughter.

"Jimmy's fine, absolutely spot on," Strauss said. "He feels happy that he's managed to get there for the birth and he's brought back that slightly euphoric feeling with him.

"He's cock-a-hoop, excited about playing in this game, and obviously we need him to stand up and play a leading role for us."

Hughes and Steven Smith, 22 and 21 years old respectively, are set to play for Australia and Strauss feels their youth may cost them against a more mature England.

"Age is not a good indicator of how successful someone is going to be," he said. "Just because someone is more experienced doesn't mean they're going to score more runs.

"But there's more inexperience in their side than there has been in the past. If we can take advantage of that, that's a good thing."

Conversely, Strauss is well aware that Australia are habitually successful at the WACA against most opponents.

"Australia's record here is very good, so that suggests they're better at adapting to these conditions than other teams," he admitted.

"But that means it's a great opportunity for us to show we're a better side than we used to be."

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