Glue binding for Mumbai pitch


Glue is being used to bind the pitch and prevent it cracking up

An adhesive will be sprayed on to the Mumbai pitch ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka to ensure the strip lasts the duration of the game.

The decision to use Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) was taken today after an inspection of pitches at the venue by ICC grounds consultant Andy Atkinson following concerns over their ability to last.

“The PVA glue will be sprayed onto the pitch in the morning in order to bind the surface together and make sure that it lasts 100 overs so that conditions remain consistent throughout the match,” said Atkinson.

“This procedure has been used before with good results in New Zealand and at Old Trafford in England so we are confident it will be successful.

“It will not make a bad pitch into a good pitch but it has been proven to be an effective method of preventing pitches from disintegrating as the game goes along.”