Twenty20 rules

ICC World Twenty20 2009
Brett Lee

Bowlers, such as Brett Lee, can pay a heavy price if they no-ball © Getty Images

The normal rules of cricket apply to Twenty20 with some exceptions. Below you can find the general rules of the Twenty20 game. A link to the full tournament rules and regualtions will be added here in due course.

  • Each bowler may bowl a maximum of four overs per innings.
  • Should a bowler deliver a no ball by overstepping the popping crease, it costs one run and his next delivery is designated a free-hit, from which the batsman cannot be dismissed except for hitting the ball twice, obstructing the field or handling the ball.
  • Umpires can award 5-run penalties if they believe either team is wasting time.
  • If the fielding team doesn't start to bowl their 20th over within 75 minutes, the batting side is credited an extra six runs for every over bowled after the 75 minute mark. Conversely, the umpire may add more time to this if he considers the batting team to be wasting time.
  • No more than five fielders can be on the leg side at any time.
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  • During the first six overs, a maximum of two fielders can be outside the 30-yard circle.
  • After the first six overs, a maximum of five fielders can be outside the fielding circle.

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