Moores starts with a smile

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Peter Moores

Peter Moores

Watch an exclusive video interview with Peter Moores on ECBtv - plus footage of his first press conference as England head coach

The smile that Peter Moores wore as he entered the room for his first press conference as England coach was still in place when he left half an hour later.

A clutch of television cameras following his every step as he made his way to the top table barely registered on Moores' sunny demeanour.

He looked anything but intimidated as he settled down in front of a roomful of journalists, a breed of people hardly known for their compassion.

And the incessant clicking emanating from the posse of waiting photographers was of little concern as he outlined his plans for the most important job in English cricket.

Any nerves Moores experienced as he was unveiled to the expectant media were kept well hidden, and it was not long before his customary composure came to the fore.

Unflustered in manner and measured in tone, he was remarkably assured as the questions arrived thick and fast from the floor, on subjects ranging from England's disappointing World Cup campaign through to the future of skipper Michael Vaughan and the possibility of splitting the Test and one-day captaincy.

While he is sure to endure more taxing questions than those directed at him on his first day in the job, one cannot fail to have been impressed with the way he handled the numerous potential obstacles thrown in his way.

Peter Moores

Moores' communication skills have won him many admirers

Those expecting a barrage of media soundbytes from Moores were always going to be disappointed, especially considering he was installed barely four days ago, and he is yet to meet up with the players he will take charge of.

The majority of the England squad arrived back in London from the Caribbean on Wednesday morning, and Moores was reticent to go into specifics about his plans before he has had a chance to meet with them.

"I know the players on different levels," he said. "I know some of them through the academy system, some through county cricket and some not as well as others.

"They've only just got back so I'll sit down and speak with everybody. I'm sure with the amount of cricket we play we'll get to know each other pretty quickly."

It is Moores' ability to communicate with people - not only players - that has helped forge his reputation on the coaching circuit, and even those who had not witnessed him in action before this press conference were given a demonstration of his affable nature.

There was little evidence of the "steely eyes" to which Mark Robinson, his successor as Sussex coach, referred following Moores' appointment last week.

But there were hints to the more ruthless side of his character as he explained that "discipline is important", before adding that he will make no predictions or judgments on players before he has had a chance to speak with them.

"As coaches, we treat people as we find them," Moores added.

If those he deals with abide by the same principle, they are sure to find Moores a pleasure to work alongside.

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