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Sky Sports

The Sky Sports commentary team: David Gower, Nasser Hussain, Bob Willis and Ian Botham © Getty Images

Infrared camera technology will make its debut on British television during the first Test between England and West Indies at Lord’s beginning on May 17.

Sky Sports will use ‘Hot Spot’ technology to determine whether a batsman has edged a delivery, and if so, which part of his bat or body made contact.

Using technology developed in the military for tank and jet fighter tracking, Hot Spot identifies and measures the heat generated by a collision, producing an image showing the precise point of impact.

It is the latest in a range of innovations that Sky has introduced to its cricket coverage since it began screening the England team in 1990. These include High Definition (2006), Hi Motion (2006), Ultra Motion (2004), virtual graphics (2001), interactivity (2000), widescreen (1999) stump cameras (1991) and stump microphones (1990).

Sky Sports

Sky will use Hot Spot for live coverage of England’s Tests and one-day internationals against West Indies and India this summer.

Barney Francis, Sky Sports’ executive producer for cricket, said: “Finally we have a visual technical solution that will remove any doubt surrounding close calls at the crease.

“Sky Sports’ Hot Spot will provide indisputable evidence whether a batsman made contact and if so, where contact was made.

“It’s the latest of a long list of innovations that we’ve introduced to our cricket coverage and I’m sure our viewers and commentators will welcome it.”

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