Gunn gets all-clear

Jenny Gunn

Doubts over Jenny Gunn's action have been dispelled following analysis by the ICC

England women’s seamer Jenny Gunn has had her bowling action cleared by the ICC.

Gunn was reported by on-field umpires Gerard Abood and Kathy Cross following last Saturday’s World Cup match against Sri Lanka in Canberra, although she was allowed to continue bowling in the competition.

After analysis by Dr Mark King, a member of the ICC panel of human movement specialists, her action has been declared legal by the game’s governing body.

“Miss Gunn’s bowling arm goes from a near straight position when the upper arm is horizontal into extreme hyperextension and then back to a near straight position around the time of ball release,” said Dr King.

“The unusual amount of hyperextension and abduction may well create the illusion that Ms Gunn throws but that is not the reality. Her action complies with ICC regulations and the laws of cricket.”