Rowe passes on expertise

Susie Rowe

England batsman Susie Rowe handed out a few tips to the Kent Under-11 girls on a recent visit to Sutton Valence School

Kent and England star Susie Rowe dropped in to give the Kent Under-11 girls a masterclass on attacking cricket.

The middle order batsman, who played a key role in helping England beat Australia in the recent Twenty20 series, gave the young Kent squad demonstrations of high quality ground fielding and explosive batting.

Susie then led the two hour coaching session which included preparing for batting, hitting powerfully to leg, how to drive and intercepting for run outs. Some girls also had the opportunity to bowl at the England player in the nets.

David Sear, the team's coach, said: “We are very fortunate to have England players from our own county on hand to come in and work with our young players.

"Susie was superb. We are grateful that she could spare the time to help us with our winter training at Sutton Valence School. She proved to be a truly inspirational role model for our up and coming girls.

"We all had a most enjoyable and productive time and the results were highly promising.”