A lowlight on the highlights

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ebony Rainford-Brent takes a quick drink during Friday morning's training session

Ebony Rainford-Brent enjoyed watching highlights of herself batting on TV against Pakistan last night - right up until the moment she was dismissed.

The 25-year-old was given a rare start by coach Mark Lane and looked in good touch at the top of the order as she ticked along to an attractive 18 as England chased 79 for victory.

But, in little trouble and with the winning post in sight, she suffered a rush of blood to the head, charged down the wicket to the rather innocuous Sana Mir and played-on aiming an attempted swipe towards the legside.

Her disappointment was glaringly obvious for anyone in the sunkissed North Sydney Oval - a few stern words with herself and a frustrated swing of the bat as she prized herself away from the crease clear evidence of someone who knows they missed a golden chance to showcase their talent.

"I saw my wicket on the highlights," she told ecb.co.uk on the team bus as it returned from Friday's training session.

"It looked just as ugly as I thought it was. I still think it was the right shot but the execution was poor. I was angry with myself when I got out because I know there is competition for places and it might be a while until I get back in. I had done the hard work by getting in. I keep calming myself down about it."

Despite that setback, Rainford-Brent is happy just to be involved following a serious back injury which almost curtailed her cricket career before it had really begun.

With that in mind, even appearing in a World Cup match is a victory in itself.

"I didn't know if I would get a game at all," she explained. "I found out I was playing the night before. I was a lot more relaxed than the last time I found out I was playing. Then I got really nervous and stressed out - that didn't help me out.

"I slept well. I packed my bag before I went to bed to make sure I didn't forget anything. I then focused on my goals and aims and wrote them down. That cleared my head."

The batter insists that even the glare of the TV cameras did not affect her.

"I thought I would be more conscious of it but when I was out there I blocked that out. Occasionally I would look around and see a cameraman, but I stayed focused.

Ebony Rainford Brent

Rainford-Brent square cuts during her innings of 18 against Pakistan at the North Sydney Oval on Thursday

"It's pretty cool when you can watch highlights afterwards though. It's a little bit weird. I thought I looked strange when I run, but I enjoyed watching myself batting. I got a few emails about it.

"I am really enjoying being here. It's a full-on schedule but it's ideal for me. I'm loving it."

England face New Zealand tomorrow with Rainford-Brent unsure whether she will feature in the starting XI. However, whether she is seeing off the new ball or carrying the drinks, she will be 100 per cent behind her team-mates.

"It's our most important game of the tournament," she said. "New Zealand are looking good at the moment. They beat Australia, but we were not too surprised by that.

"They are a really gutsy team but if we play our cricket well then we should win. It will be a good battle and we are confident."