Taylor takes the plaudits

Claire Taylor

The manner in which Claire Taylor approaches her batting has impressed team-mate Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor paid tribute to England team-mate and namesake Claire after she was confirmed as the leading batsmen in the women’s game.

Claire Taylor topped the inaugural International Cricket Council women’s rankings when they were launched yesterday, one of six England players in the top 20.

Sarah, who earlier this year became the youngest player in the history of the women’s game to reach 1,000 ODI runs, admitted she had learnt a huge amount from her more senior colleague.

“Personally, the one thing I really learnt from her is to bat in gears,” said the 19-year-old.

“She is one of these players that writes messages on her arms to get her through an innings and she always used to write ‘gears’ on her arm,” said 19-year-old Taylor.

“At first I was a bit naïve to and I went out and played how I wanted and hoped it would pay off.

“Learning from Claire and Charlotte Edwards, people who I always wanted to play with when I was younger as they are your idols, I understood what gears was, so you start off in first gear and work your way through.

“She has been a tremendous help and always gives me a few words of advice.”

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor revealed she has her sights set on claiming top spot in the ICC women's rankings

Sarah Taylor, who made 129 against South Africa at Lord’s in the summer, was unveiled as fourth in the world rankings - she is the second highest England batsman - and she admitted the news came as a surprise.

“It was only from an interview in a match this summer where somebody asked about the ICC rankings and somebody said that I would be involved in it that I had an idea that I would be anywhere close,” said Taylor.

“I had no idea I was going to be in the top five. I thought I would be somewhere near the bottom.

“I was really shocked when I turned on the computer this morning. I will be checking it more often now.

“The competition is there now and if you know somebody is higher you want to try and beat them.”

Asked if she harbours ambitions to claim top spot, she added: “I would have to say yes. I just hope to continue the way I am playing and more records will be broken.”

For now, though, Taylor’s attentions are focused on preparations for the World Cup in Australia in March, with England set to hold a training camp in Bangalore next month.

She said: “If we can prove to people how hard we work and what a team we are, to say we are World Cup winners in Australia - that would be fantastic as well.”