NatWest CricketForce 2006 - Photo Gallery #1

Tynemouth Trousers

Tynemouth Trousers - The Tynemouth treasurer clearly didn't look where he was sitting!  

Tom New Birchall

Tom New Birchall - Leicestershire's Tom New with some volunteers at Birstall Village CC in the county. BIrstall's Andy Corbett says: \"Tom plays for Leicestershire and he came to give us a hand in putting up some shelving in the changing room.\"  

Birstall Village Cc1

Birstall Village Cc1 - Birstall gave their clubhouse a paint job outside - he's the 'before' exterior shot...  

Birstall Village Cc2

Birstall Village Cc2 - ...and here's the 'after' - with everything looking immaculate for the new season at Birstall Village!  

Tynemouth Cake

Tynemouth Cake - A 90-year-old club enthusiast was unable to make it along to Tynemouth CC, but sent the club a cake instead!  

Tynemouth Woods Carr

Tynemouth Woods Carr - Merv Hughes spotted at Tynemouth? Okay maybe's ECB NatWest CricketForce regional coordinator Malcolm Woods interviewing Tynemouth vice-chairman John Carr for the official DVD  

Tynemouth Toilets1

Tynemouth Toilets1 - The toilets in the pavilion at Tynemouth CC - before they made use of the free prize tiling from H&R Johnson. The club were selected by ECB to receive the £600 worth of goods from the Official Supporter of NatWest CricketForce 2006  

Tynemouth Toilets2

Tynemouth Toilets2 - Some expert tiling later...and the difference is clear for all to see!  

Tynemouth Snow2

Tynemouth Snow2 - It snowed (apparently normal weather for Tyne and Wear in April) - and still they carried on with the work at Tynemouth  

Ian Wardle Will Tynemouth2

Ian Wardle Will Tynemouth2 - Northumberland CDM Ian Wardle interviews Tynemouth media relations star Will, aged five. \"Thank you for making my cricket club great,\" enthuses Will!  

Tynemouth Trousers Tom New Birchall Birstall Village Cc1 Birstall Village Cc2 Tynemouth Cake Tynemouth Woods Carr Tynemouth Toilets1 Tynemouth Toilets2 Tynemouth Snow2 Ian Wardle Will Tynemouth2