NatWest CricketForce 2006 - Photo gallery #10


Forton - Over 30 members from all parts of Forton CC took part in their event (ladies, juniors, parents, seniors and retired members) took part over the two days  


Forton2 - Forton CC coach and committee member Clive Jones said: \"Without doubt a great day, which has brought the club closer to its community, enhanced teamwork/spirit and prepared it for the season ahead.\"  


Forton3 - Special thanks go to Forton's project manager, Neil Brookes, who organised the events on the day  

Bellamy Hick Swindon

Bellamy Hick Swindon - Dream signing: Graeme Hick puts his autograph on the bat of nine-year-old Finn Bellamy at Swindon CC  


Launceston1 - Launceston CC’s big project was to complete new outdoor nets; wWorking with Launceston College, materials were collected and lanes were dug and filled with the right mix over a period of two months  


Launceston2 - The work meant that the 'old hands' did a lot of ordering and organising at Launceston!  

Birstall Village Sightscreens

Birstall Village Sightscreens - Steve Findley and Tom Corbett spent an extra day and five hours to complete the new look sightscreens at Birstall Village - all ready for when they play Leicestershire at Twenty20 on June 5  


Bunwell1 - Tim the groundsman at Bunwell CC rolls the pitch with the Gap Plant hire norwich roller kindly loaned for the weekend  


Bunwell2 - This is Matt at Bunwell - allegedly looking more dangerous than with a bat in his hand!  


Bunwell3 - And this is Gary at Bunwell CC building the club's replacement store shed  

Forton Forton2 Forton3 Bellamy Hick Swindon Launceston1 Launceston2 Birstall Village Sightscreens Bunwell1 Bunwell2 Bunwell3